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Giroma provides comfortable, attractive, realistically priced homes that people will enjoy living in. We develop properties to make the most of their position and enhance the environment, preserving trees and shrubs wherever possible. We resist the temptation to over-develop properties.

Part of the company is involved with the acquisition and management of long-term rental property. As a responsible landlord, Giroma takes pride in providing good, comfortable accommodation for people, and in running a comprehensive property maintenance programme.

Our international outlook makes us open to using a range of strategies to improve our efficiency. Although the majority of our work is currently in the UK, we also take up profitable opportunities in other countries.


We build relationships that rely on trust, integrity, honour and compassion. Win-win solutions are our trademark. This approach does not suit everyone. However, these values make the Giroma network an exclusive and safe place to be.

Giroma provides access to special people and special projects. Connect with the right person and doors will open. Gain access to well-designed projects and you will find they are very rewarding.

In over ten years of networking, running projects and joint-venturing, Giroma has built strong relationships with entrepreneurs, investors and thinkers who are all embarked on their own creative journeys. If you like working with such people and your ethic corresponds, we can introduce you.


We like keeping in touch. Our quarterly newsletters and regular website updates provide a baseline. In addition, you can pick up the phone and talk with one of the directors at any time during UK business hours. We welcome visits from anyone who would like to meet us and gauge our calibre for themselves.

When you phone us, expect to talk to someone who is ready to engage seriously with you. Time is your most precious commodity - and ours. We build relationships by listening to our clients. We will respond to your interests, needs and goals, but first we want to understand you. This saves time and yields the best results.

Giroma knows of many solutions. Taking the time to understand you first is key to our win-win business model.

Take a look around our website to find out more about us and what we do. If you like what you see, and would like to be part of our growing and dynamic enterprise, we would love to hear from you.