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Welcome to Giroma - a company for private property investors

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We offer you:
  • a solid, high-return investment in bricks and mortar
  • an ethical investment that you can trust
  • an investment with a company that is realistic, accessible and communicative
  • an affordable way to invest in property
Here's how:

A solid, high-return investment in bricks and mortar

The value of property in the UK has risen fairly consistently for centuries. However, this growth is not constant. The property market booms and busts. We recognise this and plan accordingly. Giroma works only with carefully selected properties and developments in order to achieve higher returns and provide housing for which there is a known market.

Our international outlook makes us open to using a range of strategies to improve our efficiency. Although the majority of our work is currently in the UK, we also take up profitable opportunities for property development in other countries.

An ethical investment that you can trust

Giroma provides comfortable, attractive, realistically priced homes that people will enjoy living in. We develop properties to make the most of their position and enhance the environment, preserving trees and shrubs wherever possible. We resist the temptation to over-develop properties.

Part of the company is involved with the acquisition and management of long-term rental property. As a responsible landlord Giroma takes pride in providing good, comfortable accomodation for people, and in running a comprehensive property maintenance programme.

We take an ecologically sympathetic approach to renovation, development and maintenance. We believe that there doesn't need to be a conflict between ecological responsibility and profit.

An investment with a company that is realistic, accessible and communicative

We like to keep in touch with our investors. Our quarterly newsletters and regular website updates provide information about how investors' funds are being used. In addition, you can pick up the phone and speak with one of the directors at any time during UK business hours. We welcome visits from anyone who would like to meet us and see some of our projects - just call us and we'll be delighted to arrange it.

An affordable way to invest in property

Many of our projects offer low entry levels for private investors. Our joint venture programme, for example, pays an excellent return for a modest stake.

Although any investment carries some risk, property offers the investor constancy in both the physical structure of bricks and mortar and the on-going demand for housing. Choosing property carefully will maximise the returns. However, investors must realise that there is no reward without risk, and that the value of property can fall as well as rise.

Take a look around our site to find out more about us and what we do. If you like what you see, and would like to be part of our growing and dynamic company, we would love to hear from you.